Vim: Incrementing numbers.

You can increment a number in VIM by using the CTRL+a command. Decrementing a number with CTRL+x. This by itself isn't new. However, I »

The value of a trick

"The value of a trick lies mostly in how much it stokes that battle between your head and your heart, and how badly it makes you »

Offensive Fortunes

Ubuntu doesn't install the offensive data files for the fortune program by default. To install them just run: sudo apt-get install fortune fortunes-off »

Pinball Haiku

got to scratch my nose, take fingers off the flippers, here comes the ball now. »

Arch Linux

Every now and then I like to set up a Linux instance in VMware to try out new software or to have a sandbox for development. »

Stitching Mandolux Wallpapers

I've got two 24" monitors that I use side-by-side in TwinView mode in my home office, so when I look for desktop background images I hit »

"The Aesthetics of Failure"

This music video for "Evident Utensil" by Chairlift reminded me of "The Aesthetics of Failure", an article written in 2000 by Kim Cascone about the then »

Arcade Gaming with MAME, Part 1

For recreating the video arcade game experience on the PC, MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is the standard. It works by recreating the hardware circuitry of »